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After speaking at conferences around the country, I came to realize that something was missing. Why were there so few women speakers? I began to ask that question to the conference and church leaders I met with and I heard the same response from them all, "Where are they? We can't find them." 

The Women Speakers Collective is an attempt to help. This isn't a new fight—it's an old one. Women have been silent or invisible far too often and for far too long in our world. We join the rising chorus of diversity with many female voices around the globe from platforms they already stand on, with the intention to make more room and give more space for exceptional, gifted, bold and wise female voices to join in this truth telling choir. HOW?

Prepare & Practice:
we will host speakers boot camps for women who are looking to refine their speaking skills and connect with other powerful women.

we will seek out platforms for women speakers at events and churches globally. 

We will feature the best and brightest new female speakers on our website for a year to launch them into wider spaces. 

Pass It On:
We will not compete with each other. We will rise BY LIFTING OTHERS. Every member of this collective will be identifying and encouraging other women speakers. 

We believe now is the time for women to step up to the microphone.

We need your voice.  


Meet your coach


Hi, I’m so glad you are interested in the Women Speakers Collective. I’ve been speaking for over 20 years, in over 40 countries to hundreds of thousands of people in a whole heap of different contexts—churches, conferences, leadership retreats, business settings, homeless drop-ins, Mayor breakfasts, parks, fields, and once I even got to speak on Main Street in Disneyland!  

I love mobilizing people towards their calling and helping them step forward in faith and use their gifts to make this world a better place. 

If you are capable and interested in speaking, I’d love for you to be part of it! I think it’s time for women’s voices to be heard—and I’d love to help yours be stronger and bolder. 


your voice matters.

We believe in you. Maybe speaking has been a dream of yours and you just aren't quite sure what the next step is. This is why we exist. You'll find our Speakers Boot Camp filled with collaboration from other aspiring speakers together in one room with your coach, Danielle Strickland.

Interested in having a larger platform? You'll have an opportunity at the Speakers Boot Camp to present your best talk (ted talk style) and have an opportunity to be given one of two spots available on our PROFILE. Our PROFILE features the up and coming brightest and most dynamic women speakers we know. You ready to take it to the next level? Let's do this.


Speakers Boot camp

The profile



Prepare and Practice




Aspiring speakers, this is for you. Come join Danielle Strickland and the Collective team (and some surprise guests!) for a 2 day Speakers Bootcamp. Filled with inspiring preparation tips, practical helps, and delivery secrets that will increase your effectiveness as a speaker, network you to others, and boost your confidence!  This incredible time will end with a PLATFORM event where you will be able to take the stage (with feedback from some top speaking recruiters) and potentially lock in one of two spots on the Women's Speaker Collective PROFILE where you will be a featured speaker for a whole year.

What you get

  • Personal 2 day workshop with Danielle Strickland
  • Special guest friends & international speakers
  • 3 months of follow-up coaching
  • Bio/professional pic/video footage
  • Access to a network of speakers/event organizers/platforms
  • A chance to make the Profile for a year of promotion

It’s time for women’s voices to be heard...
— Danielle Strickland

Lock in your spot for our upcoming Bootcamp! In addition to the jam packed live workshop, options will be available for professional promo pictures, pro bio advice and professionally filmed footage of you giving your best 5-10 minute speak!   If that's not enough how about monthly personal coaching from Danielle and Women Speakers Collective Top Coaches for three months and invitations to other events! For questions, feel free to email us at hello@womenspeakerscollective.com .

I am all in for the Women Speakers Collective!
— Alan Hirsch
I love it!
— Bob Goff
I love the Women Speakers Collective because church planting and effective communication go together. If you want to learn the essentials of inspirational and effective communication you will want to go to a Speakers Bootcamp!
— Exponential
— Orange
Never been a more important time to hear from effective female communicators!
— Catalyst (Tyler Reagin)
Stoked for the new Women’s Speaker Collective. It’s timely, its needed & its a huge opportunity to not only find those called to speak but also give voice to gifted women. When I began, I wish I had something like this to look too, to learn from, and to understand more about my call as a speaker.
— Christy Wimber, Author, Pastor, Teacher, Church planting
The church needs voices like these!
— Mandy Smith, Pastor and author

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