THE PROFILE is a platform for the best women speakers we know. We believe this will help launch many more effective communicators into the world.  And we believe this is important work - because women's voices need to be heard!


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Susie Gamez

Susie Gamez is Canadian by birth, Korean by heritage and Mexican/American by marriage. She is passionate about matters surrounding culture, diversity, justice and the Gospel. She and her husband met at Fuller Seminary while getting their M.A. in Intercultural Studies and now have 4 beautiful LatAsian babies.

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Mandy Parker Bailey

Mandy Parker Bailey is a second-generation preacher, a called pastor with 15 years of vocational church ministry, a grateful wife, determined mama and a passionate friend. She lives in Santa Monica, California where she serves in her local church and does her best at adult-ing and mom-ing.

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Autumn Katz

Autumn Katz is the CEO of Women Speakers Collective, Divisional Director at Stonecroft and Church Planter/Co-Lead Pastor of Anthem Church in Long Beach, Autumn believes that there is no greater joy than seeing others inspired to live a life full of purpose and passion.

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Noemi Chavez

Noemi Chavez is Co Lead Pastor at 7th Street Church in Long Beach, CA. She is a national conference speaker and serves on various boards some of which include Brave Global, a movement empower vulnerable girls.

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Tara Beth Leach

Tara Beth Leach is the senior pastor at First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena in Southern California. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry from Olivet Nazarene University and Master of Divinity from Northern Theological Seminary. She is a regular writer for Mission Alliance and has contributed to many publications.

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Ashlee Eiland

Ashlee Eiland has been on staff with Willow Creek Community Church since 2011. She’s currently a Creative Director with the weekend team and serves various spaces within and outside of Willow through biblical teaching.

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Hannah Gronowski Headshot 1.jpg

Hannah Gronowski

Hannah Gronowski is the Founder and CEO of Generation Distinct (www.GenerationDistinct.com), a nonprofit that exists to empower young adults to discover the wrong they were born to make right, leading them to experience who Jesus really is. She has a passion to use her voice to empower others to become leaders God can use to create real change in the world.

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Tiana Spencer

Tiana Spencer serves on the teaching team at Fellowship Monrovia, in Monrovia, CA. Having developed a passion for the scriptures at a young age, she has spent the past 20 years teaching, discipling and mentoring others to grow in it as well. In addition to raising her 3 daughters with her husband, Brandan, she also spends her time writing, leading worship and traveling to preach the Gospel.

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Mandy Smith.jpg

Mandy Smith

Originally from Australia, Mandy smith is the lead pastor of University Cristian Church, a campus and neighborhood congregation with it's own fair-trade cafe in Cincinnati, Ohio., She is a regular speaker at national events, a regular contributor to Christianity Today and Missio Alliance and the author of The Vulnerable Pastor: How Human Limitations Empower Our Ministry. She is also the director of Missio Alliance's SheLeads Summit. Many and her husband Jamie, a New Testament professor at Cincinnati Christian University, live with their family in a little house where the teapot is always warm.

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Amy Reardon

Amy Reardon and her husband Rob are Majors in The Salvation Army, pastoring the Army’s church in north Seattle, Washington, USA (The Salvation Army Seattle Temple Corps). Amy holds a Master of Arts in Theology with concentration in Biblical Studies and Theology from Fuller Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Amy and Rob have five children, ranging in age from nine to 30.

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Lisa Barnes.jpeg

Lisa Barnes

Captain Lisa Barnes is a pastor with The Salvation army who came to The Salvation Army as her church home through a food box as her mother was caught in the grip of addiction.

Lisa is passionate about Social Justice, loving those in the margins, fully being herself, while living and sharing Jesus. She has ministered in Portland Oregon, San Francisco, and Salinas California. In her last appointment, she lived in Phoenix Arizona with responsibilities over Arizona, New Mexico, and part of Nevada for youth, young adult, and camping ministries.

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