KATIE castro


Katie Castro has been on the front lines of the battle against poverty and violence in the country of Honduras since 2003. Katie is a Bemus Point, NY native and her husband Javier is from Honduras. During their eight years of marriage they have co-founded the not-for-profit organizations La Raza Ministries and Little Angels of Honduras and have given birth to four children: Lucy, Lily, Zoe, and Gabriel. They moved back to the United States in February 2016 and shortly thereafter became a part of Conduit Ministries, where Katie currently serves as the Director of Mission. Katie is a visionary leader with bold plans for transforming injustice. She is equipped with years of cross-cultural servanthood, discipline in project implementation, and a voice that rallies others to join the cause of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Katie’s friends affectionately call her, “stubborn as a mule”, and she wields that with full force for the redemption of all things around her.